Debbie Small

Business Strategist, Futurist, Connector & Founder of The Empowerment Point Global Business Directory & Education Hub

I’m a Business Strategist with a passion in helping business owners have more profitable businesses with a purpose one step at a time.

Being a visionary, futurist, thought leader, connector, relationship builder and collaborator gives me the ability to see opportunities for growth within your business assets.

When business owners gain focus, clarity and a strategy, they start to grow. When businesses grow they start employing more people. When they employ more people they help others thrive, as well as gain their own freedom; it's a beautiful domino effect. This is why I LOVE what I do!

Empowerment Point was created because I don't want other business owners to go through what I went through; losing time, money and being frustrated. I wanted a better way; and as I couldn't find one, I created it and Empowerment Point was born.

To me a business is like a house, with a solid foundation you have choices, the choice to stay as you are, to sell or to grow. Without a strong foundation you don’t have these choices, not with your house and not with your business. Empowerment Point helps give business owners back their freedom of choice with strategy.

By helping other business owners have a great strategy in place I see their overwhelm go away and they increase their confidence and happiness.

You also:

➒ Save money

➒ Save time

➒ Accelerate your growth

➒ Increase your happiness

➒ Create your freedom

As business owners we are experts in our own area, however we can’t be an expert in everything; I connect business owners with the skills they need to succeed.

With my love of building great relationships, I have taken this to the next level where I bring you leading experts in every part of your business to ensure you get the most updated advice every time.

My passion is seeing business owners love what they do, thrive in their business and love their life. With this in mind:


1. We work with Small to Medium Business Owners wanting to gain back control of their business, increase revenue and accelerate their growth.

2.We work with Business Owners wanting to find & seal their business gaps before it's too late. Start the New Year with peace of mind.

3. We work with New Business Owners wanting a Roadmap of everything they need to start their business the RIGHT way the FIRST time.

If you are a business owner who wants more growth, clarity and freedom of choice in your business and/or you want to ensure that you have no business leaks so you can grow without falling apart down the track please contact me, I look forward to having a chat.

We also work with amazing Business Leaders in all areas of business. If you are a Business Leader who loves helping business owners grow, or you need a Business Leading Expert, I'm happy to have a chat; my 'Empowerment Point Global Business Directory & Education Hub' is full of amazing people.

And feel free to share my business card (using the green share button next to my name) to other business owners who would like to connect with me.

Thank you x

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