My purpose is to collaboratively organize people and resources to center racial consciousness and intersectional equity in relationships and collaboration.


  • Systemic Partnership for Transformation with Racially Conscious Collaboration ™
  • Transforming Strategic Planning with Racially Conscious Collaboration ™
  • Executive & Leadership Coaching for Racially Conscious Collaboration ™
  • Life Coaching for Racially Conscious Collaboration™
  • Keynote & Speaking


  • Introduction to Racially Conscious Collaboration ™
  • Foundations of Racially Conscious Collaboration ™
  • Introduction to Executive Leadership of Racially Conscious Collaboration (RCCE) ™
  • Introduction to Leadership of Racially Conscious Collaboration (RCCL) ™
  • Introduction to Deep Implementation of Racially Conscious Collaboration (RCCD) ™
  • Introduction to Leadership Coaching with Racially Conscious Collaboration ™
  • Black Love & Humanity: Working Toward Full Humanity by De-centering Anti-Blackness with Racially Conscious Collaboration ™


  • Foundations of Leadership Coaching with Racially Conscious Collaboration ™
  • Executive Leadership of Racially Conscious Collaboration (RCCE) ™
  • Leadership of Racially Conscious Collaboration (RCCL) ™


I meet leaders and organizations where they are, then I facilitate their shift from racial uncertainty and inequity to racial consciousness and inclusiveness. My clients will attest to the transformation they experience with me as their coach, facilitator, and journey partner in racial equity transformation.


“This is your calling Tony!!  I spent more than three years bearing witness to your skills.  Receipts receipts receipts.  Sending love and respect!!!”  

-Dr. Laurie Brotman, Director, NYU Langone School of Medicine Center for Early Childhood Health & Development & ParentCorps

“Truly-I feel like I could write a book about the ways in which you have been helpful to me, our organization, and with each opportunity I have to engage with you-I feel like we are so in the right hands with you-you have this incredible ability to challenge and probe, and all in "loving accountability". 

I can’t wait for our sessions together as I know we are just going to go deeper and deeper; you are helping me be a better person, parent, colleague, supervisor and hopefully, change agent. We are So privileged to be working with you, I am so grateful!” 

-Manisha Bharti, Chief of Strategy and Programs, GHR Foundation

Shout out to my friend, my brother, my collaborator on issues regarding race and the best person I know out there doing this work. If you're agency is ready to do transformative work around race, Racially Conscious Collaboration will lead you there.”

-KayeAnn Lockett Mason, Professor, Therapist, Social Worker

“Wow! Tony Hudson! Miles de felicidades! Congratulations! You are a mentor, a friend and your work transforms communities. Much success to you! Un abrazo!”

-Cynthia Bell, Principal, Sun Prairie School District 

“Anyone interested in transformational work, Tony Hudson will bring it. I’ve worked with him over the course of his career and can say, he knows how to help organizations and individuals experience outcomes desired.”

-Dr. Michael Thomas, Superintendent, Colorado Springs School District


I am currently completing a doctoral dissertation documenting the successful journey of organizations that I have coached and consulted with to achieve systemic racial equity transformation.


I created the Racially Conscious Collaboration ™ tool after nearly 25 years of paying attention to race and racism in executive leadership, as a researcher, and in my personal life. I will assist you to merge race with change in relationships and collaboration in your personal, professional, and organizational spheres. In addition, I have arranged a toolbox to help you assess racial challenges and develop effective change.

As your coach and organizational change partner I will facilitate your journey through the I3 Pathway of Transformation (Internalization, Integration, and Implementation) with Racially Conscious Collaboration ™.

We look forward to our journey together. Share this digital business card with another difference maker.

Thank you.