Stopping on the cutting wall, with a child, it is difficult to do without great skill. The Taoist priest immediately noticed this and shouted angrily, "Fall down!"! Again.. "" Before the words were finished, the strong man who was lifting the second boulder, with his eyes open and glancing down, suddenly shivered and roared. The boulder fell off, and the man followed the boulder down. Toutuo, who was about to bend over, was so frightened that he suddenly looked up and stretched his waist to catch the huge figure of the strong man who had fallen down. The Taoist priest shrank his head and shouted, "Withdraw your hands!" Turn over your wrist and grab Toutuo's left leg. Curious! The strong man followed the stone, and Toutuo followed the strong man, like a line, falling straight down. Boom, the boulder falls to the ground! Flesh and blood spatter! The strong man's head and feet fell into the stone path, and his brains burst. Toutuo just fell on the back of the strong man, and with a muffled sound, his head exploded, his right arm was broken, and his left leg was dislocated. Originally, Toutuo fiercely grasped the right foot of the strong man, unable to withstand the tremendous momentum of the strong man, he instinctively stepped up his strength, suddenly felt a numbness in his right wrist, a pain in his right temple, and immediately lost his strength and died. His left leg was grasped by the Taoist priest, and his dying body fell with the strong man. His right wrist was broken immediately by the weight of the strong man and the broken elbow bone. His left leg was also dislocated by the Taoist priest's fierce grasp and downward rush. The Taoist priest finally saw the opportunity quickly, quickly withdrew his hand, and suddenly sank his body, so that he was not taken down by the force of the two younger brothers. He was still in shock when he heard the sound of the wind. Just as he was about to bounce up,warehouse rack manufacturer, there was a sneer behind him: "You are too ignorant of practice. Let's go together!" Not allowing him to change his mind, his scalp had been seized, his vest had been shaken, and a palm had been added, and he had also fallen down. His last one, just a step too late, a broken boulder, three bloody meat pies, happened only in the blink of an eye. They are all masterpieces of Wang Haoran. He was still carrying Xueqian on his back, but he was put ten feet away in a daze. As soon as he raised his hand, he first stopped the strong man,Cantilever Storage rack, and then he shot at Toutuo. His body also flew up, more than ten Zhangs across the sky, and only slightly touched the rocks. Two ups and downs had reached the back of the Taoist priest. His skill was so fast that it was amazing. Yun Zhonghui and Wan Fangyi, who were close to the cliff, could see clearly and hear clearly with one breath of True Qi and one shot of Xuangong. Their hearts were dark, and they all thought: "This man hides his true identity, Wu Xia Ameng. In a snap of his fingers, he even annihilated the three tyrants of Miao territory. It was neat and effortless. It was more unfathomable than before!" They immediately floated down, took a breath and adjusted their breathing. Wang Haoran laughed wildly and said, "These three ordinary men are talking about killing chickens and scaring monkeys. What other friends can give us some advice?" The words were loud, but no one answered for a long time. Wang Haoran, with his body fluttering like a feather, waved to Zhang and said, "Come on!"! Uncle takes you to fly in the air, so that you won't be afraid to walk on the mountain road! By this time, Fu Xueqian had already loosened his mouth and let go of his hand. About a burst of shame welled up in his heart, and his indescribable excitement fell on Wang Haoran's shoulder and wept silently. Wang Haoran did not know who to tell him. He said in a loud voice, "My modest nephew, as a strange man and a real man, you must have the spirit of enduring humiliation and bearing heavy burdens, the self-cultivation of spitting on your own face, Steel racking system ,Drive in racking system, not sticking to trifles, regardless of temporary gains and losses, in order to become famous and do great things. Uncle won't blame you, and he loves you even more. Do you understand?" Xueqian silently nodded his head and licked the blood stains on the back of Wang Haoran's neck with his mouth. He didn't have the courage to look up. I dare not look at people. Yun Zhonghui and Wan Fangyi were paying full attention to the movements around them, but they did not pay attention to these details. "Hey, hey," the laughter rose, and someone said in a loud voice, "Master Wang, listening to you really makes us feel that it's better to meet than to be famous!" The sound began on the right cliff. "Well," said Wang Haoran in a loud voice, "which friend will teach you?" "Master Wang, you should change your name!" "Wish to hear!" "A man cannot stand without his word. You have broken your promise, and all your old friends have broken up with you. This is called being unrighteous, boastful, and revealing your treachery. You are a complete clown." By this time, it was nearly dusk, the sky was dark, and the mountain path was even more lifeless and dark. It was really dangerous to rush through the mountain road. "Please, Master Wang," said someone on the left wall with a sneer. "It's a great pleasure to see your great skill and the mysterious skill of Lady Zhang Fu. We've been waiting for you for a long time. ” Wang Haoran a long roar, ring dirty nine days, swaying unceasingly, the valley echoes, roaring. Between the rise and fall of the roar, Wang Haoran was already carrying Fu Xueqian on his back, holding Zhang Qi in his left hand, and quickly unpacking his bags from the saddle of the dead animal. His whole body was draped, and he rose to the sky and climbed up the cliff. Yun Zhonghui and Wan Fangyi spread out their bodies, two or three Zhangs apart. Between the cliffs on both sides and the rocks and trees, the figures were like flying catkins in the wind, flying across the sky one after another, concentrating from the opposite side to the side of Wang Haoran and other three people ready to intercept. Both sides have arrows and crossbows angrily, only offensive and defensive, on the way of Wang Haoran and his party, but there is a figure, crane Fu snake line, invisible forward, it is the ugly ghost Longwu, but no one paid attention to him. Wang Haoran moves like a dragon, and his momentum is like a tiger. He takes the lead, and the wisdom in the clouds is in the middle. After Wanfangyi breaks, he moves forward in a zigzag shape. Just galloped out dozens of feet, a shower of locust-like hidden weapons, no less than dozens of kinds, has been from the shadow, each different direction to greet the three people. Wang Haoran's iron palms whirled and he sneered, "Petty, you'd better not make a fool of yourself!"! It's better to show the killer who is proud of his life, which is worthy of the true qualities of the contemporary first-class people! The hidden weapon has been scattered. Someone in the shadow laughed and said, "Well, I'll go first and make a fool of myself." In the voice, a figure, rolling in the air, rolled head-on to Wang Haoran. Wang Haoran laughed and said, "I'm happy. Could it be that Fan is in charge?" Words out, palm out like the wind, has been facing the rolling body of the wrist three palms. It was the younger brother of Cao yuansheng, the "Dongting Chijiao", who was the leader of the Poyang village in the "Three Tripods of Jianghu", Fan Changjiang, who "turned over the river and rolled over the sea." "Lingbo Eighteen Rolls" is a famous learning. All the skills of the whole body are sent out in the rolling. Every rolling, the force is sent out. The more rolling, the more fierce the force is. When it is close to the enemy, it becomes "Fish and Dragon Eighteen Changes". To the enemy under the door of the killer, concentrate on a strike,radio shuttle racking, the actual situation is unpredictable, specializing in the place where people do not guard against, when the invincible.