Health Advice: Supplemental Insurance Plans

With the cost of medical care and health insurance so high today, it’s no wonder Americans are turning to supplemental health insurance to fill in the gaps. What is a supplemental health insurance plan? It’s any type of insurance that covers beyond the minimum essential medical coverage. These are usually purchased in addition to “traditional” health plans, though they can also be purchased on their own.

How do you know what supplemental plans are right for you? If you’re an active person who enjoys staying fit and healthy, you should consider one of these options for additional coverage. In 2016, the U.S. health care costs were equal to $3.3 trillion. That’s big money, and it means you can always stand to have more coverage if you want to protect yourself against a financial (or health!) disaster. Keep reading for a guide to supplemental insurance plans.

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How Does Supplemental Insurance Work?

First, let’s discuss how these plans work in the first place. While most people in America already have “traditional” medical coverage through their employer, supplemental plans offer something extra. The traditional coverage includes things like annual exams, tests, and office visits.