Disability insurance – Disability insurance offers coverage for those who are suddenly disabled and might not be able to work. This coverage is often offered through your workplace.

Travel insurance – Contrary to popular belief, most traditional coverage does not function when you’re traveling out of the country or even out of state. Travel insurance is an inexpensive alternative that makes sure you’re always able to get care.

Long-term care insurance – If you find yourself in need of long-term care, this coverage will help cover the costs.

Indemnity coverage – Indemnity coverage provides compensation for time spent out of work due to illness or in the hospital.

Life insurance – This type of policy will pay a lump sum to a beneficiary in the case of your death.

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Secondary and Short-Term Insurance

A lot of people get confused between the terms “supplemental” insurance and “secondary” insurance. The terms are used interchangeably because they refer to the same products. They’re both names for additional insurance plans that work on top of your primary health insurance. Just realize you’ll likely see both terms used in reference to the same thing.