Desert adventure

Boaz Sar Shalom - owner
Glamping – luxury camping
Sleeping in the open-air desert under thousands of stars glittering above while stories from another space and time drift to you on the tranquil breeze, enveloping your being. The soothing bonfire is lit, and the teapot is boiling on the whispering flames. Try glamping out, having your very own desert 'hotel', a vacation like no other. A perfect and unforgettable desert adventure. Be at one with nature while we ensure the best, most comfortable conditions for you: large, spacious tents with soft , solar lighting so as not to interfere with the starlight and thick, comfortable mattresses. The 'hotel lobby' is just a step away from the tents and includes low-seated chilling areas with mats and cushions, fun games and tea and coffee always on the fire.

Our offer for one night or more:
Arriving at the large dune next to Beer Milka in the "friendly NEGEV desert"
A special desert glamping area will be waiting for you. During your stay you can enjoy our special activities:
• "Sandboarding"
• Stargazing with special telescope
• In the summer time: reptiles Safari ( between March to November )

Accommodation- We have 2 types of tents for you to choose:
Simple tents or luxury glamping tents. both of them include high quality mattresses with bed linen. The complex includes ecological services and hot shower

Dinner: "poyke pot" dinner- Cooking chicken & Root vegetables on a bonfire
Tea and coffee on a bonfire, cold beer and Desert boutique wine will also be served as well.

The following day:
Breakfast: preparing pitas on the bonfire, Labana, tahini, fresh vegetables from the village, coffee and tea.

**Opional: 3 hours jeep tour to dunes and the Desert landscapes (Not included in price)

simple tent: 3500 NIS per couple. For each additional person in the same tent : 450 NIS (maximum 6 in any tent)

luxury glamping tents:5000 NIS per couple. For each additional person in the same tent: 450 NIS (maximum 4 in any tent)

Jeep tour: 1200 NIS for any Jeep with 5 seats.

***If you would like to get an activity without lodging you are welcome to contact us for prices

• Invitation will be charged against credit card details (excluding Diners). Or, a contractual obligation to pay including an advance payment of approximately 20 days prior to execution. Payment is possible in cash, bank transfer, or credit card
• For cancellation of an order, the customer will be charged a nominal fee of EUR 25
• Cancellation terms: Two weeks prior to the date: 50% of the activity price. Last week: 80%. Two days before - 80% of the price of activity.
• Prices are valid for 2019

"Desert Adventure" is a unique travel company founded by Boaz Sar Shalom, a tour guide and resident of Be'er Milka in the Israeli "Negev friendly desert".
"For us, the desert is a way of life.
We want to share with you the desert - to experience the desert in all its simple and powerful meaning. Reach the most wonderful places. Discover the secrets of the desert and connect to the landscapes that have disappeared from our lives.

"This was a very special and amazing experience. We surfed down a sand dune in the desert, ate stew cooked over the fire, learned about the stars and even watched them through a massive Telescope and did a night tour in the desert. The organising team are awesome! Thanks for this wonderful weekend in the desert !!!"
Birte, Berlin
"Boaz took us on a night tour in the footsteps of desert animals, then took out his telescope and taught us all about the stars and galaxies. He was charming, pleasant and so patient. The best part was when we got into our car and our son (who we surprised with the trip) told us that it was all beyond his wildest dreams and thanked us from the bottom of his heart. Highly recommended"!
Ettie, Miami USA