Desert adventure

Boaz Sar Shalom - owner
Glamping – luxury camping

Sleeping in the open-air desert under thousands of stars glittering above while stories from another space and time drift to you on the tranquil breeze, enveloping your being. The soothing bonfire is lit, and the teapot is boiling on the whispering flames. Try glamping out, having your very own desert 'hotel', a vacation like no other. A perfect and unforgettable desert adventure. Be at one with nature while we ensure the best, most comfortable conditions for you: large, spacious tents with soft , solar lighting so as not to interfere with the starlight and thick, comfortable mattresses. The 'hotel lobby' is just a step away from the tents and includes low-seated chilling areas with mats and cushions, fun games and tea and coffee always on the fire. What more could you wish for? Eco-toilets, firewood for the night, drinking water and especially, peace and quiet.

A desert evening
Sand dunes, night safaris and star gazing
A night in the Israeli desert is a truly amazing and unforgettable experience. We will surf down the sand dunes, enjoy a spectacular sunset, while coffee and desert herbal tea brew slowly on the bonfire. After dark we will go on a night safari in the tracks of indigenous dune animalss. But no desert experience is complete without stargazing! So as the stars come out we will observe far away planets, galaxies and star clusters thousands of light-years away with state-of-the-art sophisticated astronomy equipment and telescopes.

Jeep Rides
The Negev expanses are endless and "jeeping" it is the perfect way to cross the desert and to enjoy the landscape, the quiet of the desert, and the scenic dunes far into the horizon. We invite you to enjoy quality desert time with your friends or family, to hike through the land, get to know the special plants and animals who have found a way to live in the desert with very little water. We will walk in the footsteps of the ancient desert nomads, discover full water cisterns and ancient rock paintings and especially spend quality time with friends or family.