"I'm ashamed to say." Huai Jun showed a rather helpless smile. "Anyway, just appearing in the Hou Mansion out of thin air is a bit unreasonable. Princess Hua Ying will reverse right and wrong and say that the king sneaked into the Hou Mansion to see her. Even if she doesn't say so, it's hard to guarantee that Yongchang Hou will really take the king seriously. If you give me a'thief crying stop thief 'hat.." Tao Tian also smiled and looked very understanding, but he asked, "But in terms of reputation, Wang Yeh has never attached much importance to it. It's so natural and unrestrained. What's going on today?" The author has something to say: Rigeng Jun came, today to see gay friends, live in the hotel, there is a net notebook day is really too happy ah ~!! As for the best actor and best actress awards in this chapter, please actively participate in the nomination! Thank you! Chapter 80 of the main text the benefits of entering the palace. The king did not shy away from it either. He answered very frankly: "The general knows me well, and the undeserved reputation is very important. But there is still an empress in Yongchang Hou Mansion. If Princess Huaying intends to bring the matter into the palace and then listen to it, it will always be a trouble." Is this afraid that Princess Hua Ying will take him into Hou Fu's "tryst" without permission, and then ask for marriage? Tao Qing took a look at his elder brother, stuffy and happy, Lord Wang Ye, someone has already started in advance to prevent this move, you really worry too much. Seeing that he was speaking frankly, Tao Tian's attitude was obviously better. "There won't be any more big noise in the Hou Mansion tonight," he said. "It's just that the eyes of those who are interested outside the mansion are indispensable. In this way, I have to rest in my humble abode first." "Thank you, General." Tao Tian once again carried his sister down from the car in case there was something along the line outside. He had planned to let go as soon as the gate was closed, but thinking that Lord Wang Ye was still on the side,portable gold wash plant, he had to carry out the bitter plan to the end and carry people all the way into Siqingju. Because of him, the king followed him all the way. Seeing that Tao Qing was going to be carried into the house, he opened his mouth, but it was very simple: "Please take good care of yourself, girl." Tao Qing held a mouthful of old blood in her chest and almost choked half to death, but finally she could only nod "weakly". Wait for people to go, she just spread out on the bed, the face can squeeze out the bitter melon water,tin beneficiation plant, "brother, put aside he was touched by me to hug this matter not to say, but at least I also saved him twice ah, how is this attitude?"? If he had saved me twice, I would have thrown him down! Tao Tian's elbows were circling to relax the joints on his shoulders, proving with practical actions that his sister was really heavy. When he heard this, he was stunned. His arm, which had turned half a circle, froze in the air. He squinted and glanced someone up and down: "Do you have the ability to do what you say?"? If there is, I will give you a chance immediately. Tao Qing's empty eyes pretended to be in a daze and automatically ignored the question. After a moment, she sighed: "How can this person be so difficult?" Tao Tianben wanted to take the opportunity to attack her a few words, but he thought that if he went on like this, he would be afraid that the morale of the troops would be unstable, so he had to take appeasement as the top priority and asked in reply: "Didn't you find any change in his name for you?" Tao Qing's two dead fish eyes immediately came to life, sending out a dazzling light, "Yes!"! Originally he called me Miss Xuan, gold cil machine ,coltan ore processing, but then Miss Xuan just seemed to have removed her surname! Tao Tian squeezed out a noble and cool hum beside him. . Tao Qing mood is just right, also do not haggle with him, continue self-effusion: "That is to say, I Tao Qing horse, how can not handle things?"? Ho, ho! Tao Tian couldn't bear to look at it, so he opened the door and went out. As a result of "illness in the body", Tao Qing had an early rest, so the next day she woke up a little early, so she asked Luobi to help with a simple grooming, tied her hair, put on home clothes, and took Luolan out of the door. Now the situation is good, she decided to strike while the iron is hot to try her luck, and went to Cuihu. At this time, the sun rises in the east, a lake of clear water will be filled with brilliant waves, like the broken morning glow in the sky, she will sit in the lake pavilion to see the scenery, and the people who see the scenery will stand in the shade of green trees to see her.. About a quarter of an hour, or two quarters of an hour, Tao Qing slowly started to stay, but she was concentrating, but the king came along the path last time, reflecting his figure in the lake with sunlight. When Tao Qing saw him, she didn't salute immediately, but she still got up and waited for someone to come to her. "I've seen Wang Ye." "Don't mention it. There are no outsiders here, and you're sick." The king put his hand on her arm and asked, "Are you feeling better?" As soon as I got sick, I ran out. It was really a little inappropriate. Tao Qing smiled and said, "I just felt a little uncomfortable at that time. Now it's all right. As long as I have more self-cultivation, I can't be in a hurry." "I feel very sorry for getting the girl into trouble again and again." Through his sleeve, the king helped her to sit down and said, "In the future, if you need me, please give me a chance to repay you." This promise is really a bit valuable, not to mention shirking, Tao Qing would like to take a hammer to fix this on the flagstone road, so he hurriedly said: "Well, if there is such a day, Xuan Yun will not be polite." When the king heard this, he smiled. It was a smile that was not too distant, but it did not make people feel cordial. He kept silent and said, "It's just that this thing will affect the girl's reputation." "I'm also a general, and I grew up in the street. I can't compare with the young ladies of those scholarly families. I don't value these people as much as outsiders. So Wang Ye really doesn't need to take it to heart." She spoke very naturally, as if she was really afraid of his burden, so she added, "My brother is not that kind of person." "That's the truth. Your brother and sister taught me to envy." "Wang Ye is joking." Tao Qing suddenly remembered something. "Is Wang Ye hungry? On weekdays, I always wait for my brother to have breakfast. I heard from my brother that Wang Ye doesn't often have breakfast in the morning. He always has breakfast earlier than us." (Tao Tiannu: "After coming back every morning,sodium cyanide price, hasn't a pig got up yet?!" ) Seeing that she was talking about it so seriously, Huai Jun couldn't help smiling and said, "It's all right. Just follow the host." 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com