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Maritza Lassus

Real Estate Professional Advisor:

~ Licensed Since 2014 ~

~ Listing / Buyer Specialist ~

~ Backed By A Team of~

~ 450 + Experts In The Market ~

"Si Hablo Espanol"

Hours : 8: AM - 8: PM Monday - Saturday



Building strong long lasting relationships by understanding our clients Real Estate needs. So that our team can improve their lives by contributing towards their Closing Cost allowing our clients the peace of mind and chance to accomplish their desires of home ownership and relocation.


Is to deliver an exceptional experience fulfilling all needs, wants & desires to our clients through not only work ethic, dedication , education, savings but also opening up the doors and a chance to other's as a team.

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Limitations and Gov Regulations:


Come with limitations to protect from mortgage fraud and

are also based on LTV (loan to value)

Please check in with your lenders for further information.

Who Qualifies :

Anyone buying or selling Real Estate with a value of 250k

and above or buying and selling at equal value.

How To Qualify:

I must be hired as your Realtor from beginning to the end of the process.

Call to book a consultation for more detailed information.

Why I Contribute:

"Based off experience I have witnessed families buying homes without inspections

due to their budgets (we all know when making a purchase of this value inspection should be a priority as anything can happen.)

or having to completely cancel and put their dreams on hold on ownership all for a couple thousand dollars.

Bummer!! So I decided I want to help to the best of my ability by providing families with peace of mind with a % of my commission as contribution towards their closing cost. Here for you!!"





About Maritza Lassus Your Realtor:

Maritza Lassus is not just a entrepreneur she is an exceptional human being, a mother, a daughter, a friend and a survivor. She has been able to connect with several in the community and assist them through traumatic crisis and provide guidance and assistance to their growth and has realized a need that can't be ignored.

What Maritza learned during her own crisis has, allowed her to help others in need.

"As we all know life and being human is one of the hardest task to master. Let alone learning who you truly are and connecting with your life purpose". Maritza Explains"

Maritza is a natural humanitarian at heart and mentor for many. Maritza is starting a non profit organization to give back to the community.

She has come up with the idea now looking for a team to assist in carrying out the goal. Meaning all of us together. "Maritza States"

10% of what Maritza Lassus LLC brings in will be reimbursed to the community through building a non profit organization.

That will provide assistance and help to many in a very unique way. Maritza stated , that after doing homework and long nights of research this non profit will make a HUGE impact in the lives of many.

Maritza Lassus has provided and given back to a few families and a couple vets and will like to bring it out on a larger scale. She refuses to hide behind the scenes any longer and is extremely passionate about seeing her purpose flourish. Maritza finds there is a huge need not just in the community but in the world. For the non profit she is working on.

(Stay tuned to learn more about the Information on the non-profit and story behind it.)

Maritza believes we all deserve a second chance and in her own words" A GOOD ONE."

"Thanks in advance from all of us @ Desire To Key Homes Team for believing in the build of the purpose. "Says Maritza"

" Believe you can, and you Will! The only limit is your own mind "