DB Therapeutic & Advanced Bodywork LLC Mobile Massage

Donna Adair, LMBT/L OT-Retired

DB Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (DBT) is a mobile service, bringing professional therapeutic Advanced Bodywork to the convenience and privacy of your home. DBT believes in giving you the same value and benefits of specific Advanced Bodywork service that you would receive in a clinic or rehab gym. DBT will help fix specific problems, help you stay active and move easily without the use of pain medication and avoiding frequent trips to the doctor.

While traditional therapy mirrors a medical system that too often temporarily alleviates symptoms, DB Advanced Bodywork considers the whole body and endeavor to find the root cause of your pain and dysfunction. 

The body parts and systems do not work in isolation, and modern medicine’s organization into medical specialties and sub-specialties does not lend itself well to appreciating the whole individual.

Many types of body lesions (circulatory, neural, fascial, lymphatic, muscular, organ, energetic) can be identified and treated with evidence-based advanced bodywork using a combination of osteopathic techniques.