IoT and AI are what I love most about the cultivation industry. My experience is over 10 years in legal cannabis nurseries. Today I work on my own project and we grow cannabis clones for sale and work under license. 

The possibilities that IoT and AI bring to the table are endless, and they are two of the main reasons why I got into this business in the first place. By using sensors to collect data on things like light, moisture, and nutrient levels, we can create a truly intelligent growing system that can adapt to changes in real time.

This kind of technology has already revolutionized how we cultivate cannabis, but I believe it's only scratching the surface.

Are you looking for a reliable cannabis clone supplier? is a licensed wholesaler of cannabis clones and seedlings. We have over a couple dozen strains. We deliver all over California. We work in wholesale and retail.

You can trust that we will provide you with healthy, high-quality cannabis clones and seedlings. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in the industry, so you can be sure to get the best products available.

A cannabis cultivation firm AwesomeClones is co-founded by Adam. Contact him today (310) 728-7725  to place an order!