A vape consists of a main body that contains a battery (mod) and a part that holds liquid (atomizer), and the main body and atomizer are collectively called a "device. The type of device and atomizer also makes a difference in maintenance methods, difficulty level, and flavor. Here we will explain the different types of vapes and their respective shapes and mechanisms.

Types of vape shapes

There are two ways to classify vape types, and the two main ways are "liquid-filled" and "cartridge replacement. Alternatively, the vape can be classified into four types depending on its shape. In this case, the four types are "BOX type," "PEN type," "stick type," and "POD type.

The "BOX type" is highly expandable and can be customized to your liking, and many people who are familiar with vape are addicted to customization. Also, the large capacity of the battery has the advantage of being able to withstand long hours of operation. On the other hand, the "PEN type" has a built-in battery but is slim in shape, and has a small LCD and few setting buttons, making it easy to operate. This type is popular among people who prefer a compact, portable vape and among women.

The "stick type" also has a smart shape, and its advantage is that it is convenient to carry. However, it has a small battery capacity and low expandability, so it is a vape for beginners who want to try vaping or for people who value fashion. The "POD type" is a type of vape that integrates a liquid tank, atomizer, and coil, and uses a liquid-filled "POD. The POD type is popular as an easy and hygienic vape because the disposable POD only needs to be replaced and there is no need for maintenance such as replacing coils. 2.

How an atomizer works

The atomizer is the part of the electronic cigarette (VAPE) that heats the liquid. The atomizer is the part that is largely responsible for the taste of the vapor, and it is a complex structure. Although there are slight differences from product to product, the structure of the atomizer is generally the same and is divided into four parts.

The first is the "tank," which is where the liquid is stored. The frequency of liquid refills depends on the size of the tank and the performance of the coils made by different vape suppliers. Coils that can produce explosive smoke consume more liquid, and therefore need to be refilled more frequently. To reduce this, most smoke-producing atomizers have larger tanks. Next, the "air hole," which is a hole to let in outside air, is the part that affects the sensation when inhaling vapor. The narrower the air hole, the heavier the suction, and the wider the air hole, the lighter the suction. The air hole is also a factor that affects the intensity of flavor and the amount of smoke, as it lets in outside air during suction.

Then the "inlet" is called the "drip tip. The shape and material of the drip tip varies from vape manufacturer to vape manufacturer, and can be long, short, narrow, or even snarled. The shape and material of the drip tip can also have some effect on flavor. Finally, the "coil unit" is the part that receives the electricity supply from the main body (mod) and heats the liquid. The quality of the smoke varies greatly depending on the type and resistance of the coil unit.

The above is the structure of the mainstream atomizer, which is called a "clearomizer (clearo).