Fantastic Academy

Business Training

Fantastic Academy - the platform for e-learning courses for starting and growing a business in the home-services industry. You can find innovative, cost-effective and informative courses for improving and developing your business. Our classes are suitable as well as for companies as for individuals. For that aim, we've created two types of packages - Silver and Gold. We are striving to provide our students with more courses so that they can combine them and receive extensive knowledge. Up to date, we can offer a range of them:

  • Domestic Cleaning
  • Oven and Barbecue Cleaning
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Antiviral Sanitisation
  • Removals and Packing
  • Gardening

Those courses can be beneficial for your personal and professional growth because you will develop professional skills such as creativity, motivation, working in a team and so on. Also, you will open the door to many opportunities and you will receive a certificate, which will help you in the job search. You can find more information about our online courses for cleaners, gardeners and packers on our website.