The office was empty, the curtains were drawn, there was a faint beam of light, and any little movement in the quiet atmosphere was heard very clearly. Come here Here In the middle of the conversation, she thought of a serious thing. "Well, you didn't write it down on the roster that I was late today, did you?" Abbess Miejie is not soft at all when she deducts the score. If she knows it, Ye Nanxu really wants to cry. Afraid of deducting credits? Yun Yixian asked lightly. Ye Nanxu nodded like garlic. Cloud one envy: "In that case, still dare to be late?" Ye Nanxu pursed his lips and whispered, "It's all your fault." "Blame me?" He can hear clearly and clearly. Ye Nanxu bit his lip and secretly said that his problem of talking to himself really needed to be improved. That's not what I mean. I mean.. Yes It's over. I'm stuck. I can't even think of an excuse. It was a waste of the usual intelligence, which was not used at all at the critical moment. What is it? He reached out and gathered her hair, which was scattered on the side of her face to hide her expression, behind her ear. Ye Nanxu noticed his movements and suddenly raised his head. Did you think of a reason? His voice was even more alluring in the quiet environment, penetrating into her cochlea, bringing a fascinating effect. Miss Ye's tongue, which had always been eloquent, seemed to have been taken away by a cat,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and she could only look at him foolishly, with a charm that made people want to bully him. Yun Yixian found that when the girl was bold, she really had the courage to poke a hole in the sky, and when she stayed, she was really silly. Why don't you speak? He asked. Ye Nanxu: "Yun Yixian, are you seducing me?" Hook and lead? This is the first time someone has used this word on Yun Yixian in his life. He seemed to find it very funny and laughed out loud in a low voice: "Hook?" His voice with a smile, so that Ye Nanxu's cheeks unconsciously slightly red,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, straight back, forced to earn face for themselves: "." You, what did you ask me to do? "What do you think I'm doing here when I'm late for class?" He retorted without answering. When it comes to being late, Ye Nanxu is naturally in the wrong. I was surprised, last night. "Last night?" Yun Yixian looked at her expression and seemed to understand something with a smile. Ye Nanxu is looked at by him so, some become angry from embarrassment: "I, I am insomnia, how?"? Is it against the law? If you hadn't seduced me, would I have lost sleep? If I don't have insomnia, will I be unable to come this morning? If I get up on time, will I be late?? A series of pressing questions are very clear. So Is it all my fault? He concluded for her. Ye Nanxu bit his lip: "That's what you said. If you want to admit it, I have no opinion." "Ye Nanxu." He said, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Coil, "Has anyone ever told you that you are very good at making counter-charges?" At this time, the brain is very fast, regardless of the three or seven or twenty-one, the responsibility is put on his head. I don't care She simply played a rogue, "You can't tell Abbess Miejie that I'm late today." Cloud one envy: "Hum." Ye Nanxu suspected that he was hearing voices and opened his eyes wide in surprise: "Really?" "Really, can you bring your hand now?" He glanced at her clasped arms. Ye Nanxu let go with some shyness, "that." Thank you Until she came out of the office, Ye Nanxu still had some feeling of walking in her sleep, and if she hadn't confirmed that the one inside was undoubtedly a cloud envy, she would almost have felt that he had been switched. How's it going? How'd it go? Will this matter reach the ears of Abbess Miejie? When Chen Linlin met her, she hurried over and asked. Ye Nanxu paused:.. He, Abbess Miejie, should not know. Chen Linlin breathed a sigh of relief: "So you have reached an agreement?"? Is Yun Yixian so easy to talk to? Ye Nanxu nodded: "Perhaps, you all misunderstood him before, he is still." It's very reasonable. ” Chen Linlin stretched out her hand to touch her forehead and said, "It's not burning. Why did you start talking nonsense?" Ye Nanxu clapped her hand, "what are you talking about?" Chen Linlin said in all earnestness, "I don't know what gave you this illusion, but you won't forget the rumors we heard at the beginning of school, will you?" Ye Nanxu: "What rumor?" As they walked forward, they said, "How did you forget Yunyixian, the impersonal title of the flower of Kaolin?"? There was a girl who liked him all the time from high school, and she was almost stunned, but Yun Yixian never gave her a good look, and then the girl did not know what stimulated her, so she ran to the roof to commit suicide.. The incident alarmed the school and the police. In order to stabilize the girl's mood, the police tried to communicate with her at the beginning, asking her what she was taking things too hard, and they could help solve it. The girl cried and said that she wanted to see Yun Yixian, and if he didn't come to see her, she would jump from here. Hearing this, the police and leader Fang looked at each other and let people dial Yun Yixian's phone for the first time. After knowing the whole story, Yun Yixian talked to the girl. Because it was hands-free, many people present could hear the conversation between the two people. Girl: "Yun Yixian, I really really like you, I like you for four years, from the first time I saw you, I fell in love with you, if … …" If you're still not with me today,stainless steel welded pipe, I'll.. I will die for you, and I will prove to you that no one in the world will love you more than I do. Yun Yixian paused for three seconds, just as the school hoped that this outstanding student could say something comforting to appease the girl.