Review for Arlo Baby Monitor

Have you ever wondered if there could be a baby monitor out there that is both functionally comprehensive while doubling as an overwhelmingly cute decoration for your nursery? If you do, you can stop your search on baby video monitor reviews and find your answer below.

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Beware to not underestimate this baby monitor, because you will soon find out that there is more to this baby monitor beyond its obviously cute bunny ears. For instance, you should know that this bunny baby monitor is able to deliver sharply crystal clear and high video quality footage of your nursery straight to your phone on a real-time basis. 

And that is just an example of the many great things that this adorable bunny baby monitor can do.

Some other great features that you should be aware of about this baby monitor are the infrared night vision, air quality and temperature sensors, eye-catching colorful nightlight and a speaker that performs many functions such as for two-way communication and projecting lullabies. 

To prevent you from being too overwhelmed with all these features, the baby monitor offers you the ability to easily manage all of these through the monitor system on the mobile app. 

Apart from the overwhelmingly cute appearance, another not-so-obvious advantage that this baby monitor has over other baby monitors is the compact design of this monitor itself. 

The compact and somewhat slender build of the baby monitor will allow it to fit into virtually any corner of the nursery, even the most cramped ones. But if placing it on a surface is really not your style, then the bunny monitor does offer you a frame structure to mount the bunny on a wall.  


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This bunny camera needs to be plugged into a power source instead of running on batteries. This fact somewhat limits the flexibility you will have with the baby monitor.

However, for when you really need it, you can detach the camera from its plugged-in state to bring it with you on the special occasions that you need to carry your baby out of the nursery. 

An unplugged camera like this can last up to 3 hours, which should be enough for you to finish whatever that you need to attend to.

With the default settings, the camera is able to record in 720P quality. Although the camera does offer the upgrade option of 1080P should you find that 720P is still not clear enough. 

You can also configure the camera so that it can send notifications that are relevant to you. Speaking of notifications, an issue has been raised that there is a significant time lag between getting the notification and being able to switch to the live video, but that should not be a problem.

For parents who are keen on having multiple options from a variety of features in a single package while having an easy way to manage all of those, then there could not be another choice more perfect than this one. 

The managing app for this baby monitor and the monitor itself are both so intuitively easy to navigate that new parents should have no problem getting the machine up and running and mastering all the controls in less than five minutes.


The Arlo Baby monitor is a packed with rich features that will surely provide you an incredible experience. The baby monitor can also double as a cute decoration for your nursery thanks to the bunny ears it comes with. And with the compact body, finding space for it is going to be a breeze. This monitor is one of the  best rated baby monitors options on the market.