Travis Herberger


Born and raised in Longview, Texas, Travis Herberger has lived in the area for most of his life. In his opinion, watercolor is the perfect medium for painting because it is elusive, unpredictable, and has its own mind. Each canvas is a reflection of the surroundings he experiences.

His artworks depict landscapes from the Texas Gulf Coast region, which he is fascinated by. He considers people to be an integral part of his work. The busy urban settings of Travis Herberger allow him to use more colors and convey more feeling than simple landscapes.

Travis Herberger is an artist who enjoys drawing as much as painting. As part of a weekly sketch group that meets every week, Travis has been sketching a live model for the past 5 years.

Travel has influenced Travis Herberger's paintings greatly. Growing up, he traveled to Europe, South and Central America, and Africa as a result of his love for traveling.

Travis Herberger says, "Travelling opened my eyes to so many colorful possibilities." After spending some time painting watercolors for promotional purposes, with wonderful opportunities emerging, he decided to pursue acrylics on canvas full-time. As a result, his artwork has appeared in exhibitions all over the world.

Travelling also led to some wonderful publishing opportunities for his watercolors: on show posters, marketing materials, magazines covers and apparel!