you must try it, otherwise you don't know how beautiful you are. If you have a good figure, tall and sexy, you can also try the following green extremely thin wrap dress with suspenders. It will outline your delicate figure curve and make the S-shaped curve vividly displayed. It is especially suitable for pear shaped figure and can significantly improve the waist hip ratio.

If your temperament is gentle and charming, you might as well start with a national style dress with full classical charm. Generally, it will be skillfully integrated with the elements of cheongsam, such as classic buttons, embroidery patterns, floral prints, which can greatly improve the overall texture, and create a feeling that birds depend on people, which is quite like a Jiangnan woman. If you want to have a concave shape, you can only match it with a fan.

The pure color hollowed out dress will create a kind of pure and lustful beauty. First, white is fresh, atmospheric, and practical. It is especially suitable for hot spring and summer. It will vaguely reveal your white skin, and improve the delicacy