Jean Cellent

Jean Cellent is the founder, director, and manager of Cellent Global Logistics, LLC

Jean Cellent, AKA Jean-Pierre Cellent, is the founder and director of Cellent Global Logistics, LLC, a regional trucking and transport company based in Fort Mill, SC. In addition, he has been a key investor and advisor in several local startups.

Beyond his commercial ventures, Jean-Pierre has been involved in several philanthropic initiatives. He was deeply involved in the recovery efforts post-Hurricane Matthew in 2016. This human tragedy brought his passion for charitable causes into full view. Jean was devastated by the hurricane’s destructive impact, and it was here that the power of his personality came into full view. Through his efforts, life-saving food and supplies found their way to Haiti, and many lives were saved. The aftermath of the hurricane found Jean working to make certain that affected children continued to receive a quality education. Through his efforts, a school bus sponsored arrived in Haiti, providing urgently needed transport to affected students in his family’s neighborhood and surrounding areas.

In addition, Jean Cellent has recently launched a scholarship program, aimed at helping students struggling to pay the high cost of tuition at American colleges.

He has never forgotten his Haitian roots, nor the difficulties of growing up on the streets of Philadelphia and Charlotte.