Jenny Kupczyk

Wellness Coach & Vision Caster
I am a truly blessed mom of 2 beautiful children! I am very passionate about my FAITH, FAMILY, FITNESS & EMPOWERING OTHERS!

I am a Wellness Coach and a Vision Caster! I educate, inspire and empower others to design the life they desire both physically and financially!

I work one on one with individuals who are committed to their personal growth ~ physical and/or financial.

I conduct talks to small and large groups focusing on the importance of mindset, uncovering your WHY, setting goals, raising your personal standards, working towards achieving both wellness and financial goals.

I run online bootcamps where I educate, inspire and empower others to learn proven strategies to achieve their wellness goals and create a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Grateful everyday for the opportunity to positively impact the lives of others!

Simply reach out to me through email or text to learn more and/or schedule a strategy call.