Essay on "Is it easy to be a friend?"

When I was younger, I did not fully understand the meaning of friendship. It seemed to me that spending a lot of time together was what friendship meant. I still think that spending time together is an essential part of friendship. However, you can walk around together, talk on the phone, etc. with a lot of guys, but you can't count a lot of people as friends. Check brilliant website to make your university life better.

So what does it mean to be a friend? I think in order to be friends, you have to first and foremost accept your friend for who you are. This, of course, does not mean that everyone can behave as he pleases, but friends should accept such behavior, even if they do not like it. True friends must reckon with the peculiarities of each other's character and disregard the petty faults of the mate. Is it easy? Sometimes it is not easy at all. But this is the essence of friendship: taking the friend as he is, you have the right to expect reciprocity. You can look at this site for inspiration.

Another prerequisite of true friendship, I believe honesty. Friends must always find the strength to tell the truth to one's face. Is it easy? In my opinion, it is very difficult. But a good friend will always point out a comrade's mistake, tell him what offended him. In my opinion, it is understatement that often kills friendship.

And to be friends also means to be able sometimes to put the interests of a friend above one's own. In other words, friendship is the ability to sacrifice. Is it easy? It is difficult. But, sacrificing their own plans and desires, the friend can always count on the same sacrifice on the part of a comrade. In friendship, everything must be mutual. Of course, try this web-site with dissertations to find great examples.

In general, I believe that being a friend is not easy. But the effort is always justified. I love and appreciate my friends. They and I have proven our loyalty and devotion to each other more than once. I know for a fact I can rely on each of them, and they can count on my help.

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