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An Azure Functions resource

 * A function app posts to Microsoft AI-102 Exam Dumps Azure Event Grid when stock situations of a product change between OK, Low Stock, and Out of Stock. The function app uses the Azure Cosmos DB change feed.

 An Azure Cosmos DB account

 * The account uses the Core( SQL) API.

 * The account stores data for the Product operation app and the Inventory Tracking app.

 * An Azure storehouse account

 * The account contains blob holders for means related to products.

 * The means include images, vids, and PDFs.

 • An Azure Cognitive Services resource named.

 • A videotape Hand resource named.


 Business pretensions

·        Wide World Importers wants to work AI technologies to separate itself from its challengers.

·        Wide World Importers plans to start the following systems

·        A product creation design Help workers produce accessible and multilingual product entries, while expediting product entry creation.

·        A smarter-commerce design apply an Azure Cognitive Hunt result to display products for guests to browse.

·        A shopping on the- go design make a chatbot that can be integrated into smart speakers to support guests.

 Business Conditions

·        Wide World Importers identifies the following business conditions for all the systems

·        Give a multilingual client experience that supports English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

·        Whenever possible, scale grounded on sale volumes to insure harmonious performance.

·        Minimize costs. 

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Governance and Security Conditions

 Wide World Importers identifies the following governance and security conditions

 Data storehouse and processing must do in datacenters located in the United States.

 Azure Cognitive Services must be inapproachable directly from the internet.

 Availability Conditions

 Wide World Importers identifies the following availability conditions

 • All images must have applicable alt textbook.

 • All vids must have reiterations that are associated to the videotape and included in product descriptions.

 • Product descriptions, reiterations, and all textbook must be available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


 Product Creation Conditions

 Wide World Importers identifies the ensuing conditions for perfecting the Product operation app

 Minimize how long it takes for workers to produce products and add means. Remove the need for homemade restatements.

 SmartE-Commerce Conditions

 Wide World Importers identifies the ensuing conditions for the smarte-commerce design

 Insure that the Cognitive Hunt result meets a Service position Agreement( SLA) of99.9 vacuity for quests and indicator writes.

 Give druggies with the capability to search sapience gained from the images, primers, and vids associated with the products.

 • Support bus completion and automatism grounded on all product name variants.

 • Store all raw sapience data that was generated, so the data can be reused latterly.

 • Update the stock position field in the product indicator incontinently upon changes.

 • Update the product indicator hourly.

 Shopping On- the- Go Conditions 

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