Nicholas Thomas Del Franco


A successful businessman and entrepreneur, Del Franco owns Homestead Hydro, Organic America Farms of Amherst, Madhatter Soils & Nutrients, and Organic America. Originally from Bridgewater, NJ, he now lives in Newport Beach, CA, and also owns a home in Morristown.

After completing high school at Bridgewater Raritan, Del Franco earned a degree in International Business from Lynn University Boca Raton Florida.

In order to increase crop yields, Nicholas Thomas Del Franco's companies produce Plan Growth Nutrient products, which maximize vegetative growth, flower production, and bud production.

As well as a highly skilled marketing expert, Nicolas Del Franco is a successful business entrepreneur. Nicholas Del Franco's recent ventures include rapid Covid Testing, Yumipaws, a dog treat and rescue company, and an aquifer in West Virginia.

Nicholas has a passion for creation and the ability to follow through on his ideas. He is someone who has the ability to see a need that has previously not been addressed or in some cases created a need that didn’t even exist.