What Is The Right Size of Impact Wrench for Automotive Work?


The automotive industry relies on diverse impact wrenches such as impact wrench for changing tires to handle a number of automotive challenges. They are mostly used for tightening and loosening lug nuts and they come with a very high rotational Torque plus excellent hammering mechanism. With all these features, it can be very easy to loosen or tighten the rustiest and most difficult nuts and bolts and perform other automotive applications successfully.

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What are the Types of Impact Wrenches for Automotive Work?


Just like in other applications, there are 3 types of impact wrenches used for automotive works. The corded, cordless, and Pneumatic are the main types available. Corded impact wrenches operate on electric power and must be plugged into an electric socket. This tool provides better Torque and speed than the cordless option but it tends to generate much heat due to numerous moving parts.

The cordless impact wrenches are powered by rechargeable batteries and they must be recharged frequently. Cordless impact wrenches give you more freedom to carry the tool around since they don’t rely on cords. Pneumatic impact wrenches are referred to as air impact wrench because they work on compressed air, unlike electricity. One great benefit of this impact wrench is that it does not generate as much heat as cordless and corded impact wrenches. They are the cheapest options but they don’t have the best speed and Torque.


What is the Right Size of Impact Wrench for Automotive Work?


There are three basic sizes of impact wrenches used for automotive work. These are the ½ impact wrench and the 3/4 impact wrench. The size of this tool will have an impact on its overall design, alongside the location of the handle and some other features. While the ½” will have a handle that is similar to a drill, the ¾” model will have a larger handle that will provide a firmer grip.

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The 1/2” compact wrenches are common in the auto industry; they are more compact and can be squeezed into smaller spaces. Due to their sizes, ½” models are more suitable for car tires and suspension jobs. Most ½” wrenches come with a maximum Torque output of 300-500 Ft-lbs.

The ¾” impact wrenches are ideal for those working on larger automotive equipment because they make a heavier impact. Mechanics working on huge automotive trucks for instance can rely on this tool because it can generate up to 1,200 Ft-lbs. Torque.


Weight and Size Will Affect Speed

The best impact wrench for the money can generate speeds of between 1000 and 3000 RPM in most cases. The bigger the tool, the lesser the speed generated in most cases, and that is why ¾” wrenches may be slightly slower than ½” wrenches. It makes a lot of sense to choose impact wrenches with variable speeds. The content on Best Tools For Your Home - Helpful Product Reviews - LaserLevelHub.net offers more insight into the effect of different sizes on the effectiveness of impact wrenches.


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