Phil Child Care Foundation

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To be an instrument of change in the lives of children, families, communities and uniting nations by giving back to the young generations. As Phil Child Care Foundation (PCCF), we have been given a mandate to revitalize the lost dignity of children not only in Canada but across continents. Our slogan says that “Every Child has a Voice” and we need to collectively take the initiative before we loose a generation.


To raise the Bar within the Childcare Industry


  1. To encourage Innovation and Creativity among Children
  2. To prevent Crime by engaging Children in sports and other social activities
  3. To support Children with Disabilities by building social skills
  4. To Showcase the Talents of Children
  5. To create Social Networks for children all over the world
  6. To create a uniting force for children all over the world
  7. To Collaborate with Parents to rejuvenate our generation
  8. To Document the stories of children and families in challenging situations