What is the Estimation?

The basic definition of estimation is the estimate of record materials an item of work or cost of all projects all detail of uses the building item-like beam column slab wall window door, etc, and also the cost of labor number of labor also to calculate the time of finished the project. we have given drawing skect.

Building Estimate

A building estimate is an approximation of the cost of a construction project, calculated by estimating the quantities and costs of materials, labor, equipment, and other expenses required for the project.

Building estimates are typically created before construction begins, and are used by contractors, architects, and building owners to determine the feasibility of a project and to plan for the financial resources needed to complete it.

The process of creating a building estimate involves analyzing the project plans, specifications, and other relevant information to determine the number of materials and labor required, as well as the cost of equipment and other expenses.

The estimate may also include contingency amounts to cover unexpected costs or changes to the project scope.

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Building estimates can be presented in a variety of formats, from detailed itemized lists to summary reports.

The level of detail included in the estimate will depend on the needs of the project and the level of accuracy required.

Accurate building estimates are important for ensuring that projects are completed within budget and on time, and can help to prevent costly delays or unexpected expenses.

They are also used by building owners to compare bids from contractors and to negotiate contracts with suppliers and subcontractors.

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Estimation of Building

The following is the estimation and costing of the building sample pdf

1. Interpretation of Drawing

Before you directly start calculating quantity, you must precisely and correctly read the construction drawing.

Check the dimension of each block is provided or not.

The check Schedule of the opening is there.

Check the specification of work.

Check if the thickness of the wall is the same or changes.

Check the rise and tread dimensions of the stair.

Check the type of foundation and its details drawing.

2. Prepare an Estimation Sheet

The following is a sample sheet for preparing the estimate.

While taking length, width, and depth/ height dimensions remember that not all dimensions are given in the drawing. Some dimensions you need to calculate from the drawing also.

3. Calculating Quantity

For example, the first quantity of the estimation sheet is an excavation in the foundation. To find out the dimension of length, width, and depth of excavation from the drawing.

Estimation of a Building with Plan pdf

Keep in Mind

Excavation depth is calculated from ground level to the bottom of PCC work.

The size of the trench is larger than the size of the footing to provide ease for workers.

Here, the size of the footing is 1 m x 1 m. So, consider 0.25 m extra margins on both sides of the trench.

Length will be = 0.25 + 1 + 0.25 = 1.5 m, and Size becomes 1.5 m x 1.5 m. Depth is given 1.5 m from ground level.

Now, find the number of Footing in the building = 12 nos. Putting all values in the Estimation sheet multiple by each other will give you the quantity of excavation.

In a similar way, you can calculate other quantities like PCC, Footing Concrete; Earth filling, Plinth beam concrete, DPC, Brick Work in Superstructure, RCC Slab Concrete, etc.

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