Zhang Xiaolin looked at the face of his dead ship, looked at his unique and peculiar sewing posture, "a dangerous move, suddenly remembered a person." Come here. The wrist of the man in black moved skillfully, and the light of the sword came out of his hand like a spark, and no one could see him. The change of. He stabbed out thirteen swords in a twinkling of an eye, and Zhang Xiaolin had already passed over the back of the quadruple roof, and the light of the sword had wrapped around him like a poisonous snake, but he could not sell his clothes all the time. Clothes. This is a sword that is faster than lightning, and this is also a posture that is faster than lightning. When the fourteenth sword was thrust out, it suddenly stopped one foot in front of Zhang Xiaolin's throat. Although his sword thrust was urgent, it still stopped like that. Naturally, the sword was no longer trembling, and Zhang Xiaolin's figure suddenly made them face to face, as if suddenly congealing in the air. Knot. The man in black had a strange light in his green eyes and said, "You are not a disciple of Zhu Sha Gang." His voice is also strange and unique, cold, low, hissing, short, not like from the human throat. Yes, although his voice is low, it has a kind of power to pierce people's hearts, and people will never forget any word he said. Zhang Xiaolin smiled and said,Mechanical fine screen, "How do you know I'm not a member of the Shusha Sect?" The man in black said, "No one in the Shusha Sect can escape my Thirteen Swords." Zhang Xiaolin said with a smile, "Of course you are not a member of the Tianwu Gang." "Not bad," said the man in black. The long sword that paused in the voice suddenly went straight out. The swordsman was even more reluctant to let his long sword thrust out. No one in the world could get out of the way of the sword within the distance of feet. But when Zhang Xiaolin was about to move his sword, he had already swept away three feet. Although his sword wanted to pierce Zhang Xiaolin's throat, Zhang Instead of getting angry, Xiao Lin said with a smile, "You are not a disciple of Tianxian, and I am not a member of the Sand Prevention Gang. You and I are not like each other." Why do you still want to kill me? He had said less than thirty-six words,Dissolved Gas Flotation, and he had spoken very quickly, but the man in black had already thrust another thirty swords, which were more powerful and more powerful. Poison. He did not like to speak, because usually before he spoke, the sword he had climbed had made the most concise answer. Death is the answer he usually gives to others. Zhang Xiaolin said with a smile, "What a swift swordsmanship! What a vicious swordsmanship! It's really not called the fastest sword in the Central Plains.". A good sister-in-law's soul sword has no shadow, and the Central Plains is a little red. Still no reply, the shield of thirty-six swords, and thirty swords. Zhang Xiaolin still did not fight back, still with a smile, said: "Lao Bei kill hands, but guide a little red.." It is said that Jianghu Chuanfu Is it true that as long as someone can pay a high price, even if it is your flesh and blood friend, you will kill him? Zhongyuan Dianhong said coldly, "I have no friends to kill," and the thirty-six swords for the third time have been attacked. Zhang Xiaolin smiled and sighed, MBR reactor ,lamella tube, "I've heard all kinds of legends about you for a long time, but it's a pity that you won't speak, otherwise I really want to." Isn't it much more interesting to talk to you than to swing a sword? A little red long example suddenly stopped again, the eyes of the person did not instantly freeze Zhang Xiaolin, suddenly tendons out of the white dense help teeth, one. "Jiang Shuai loves ecstasy," he said with a smile. "You are Chu Liuxiang in the moonlit night." Shen and Zhang Xiaolin could not help being stunned. "Who do you think is Chu Liuxiang?" They asked with a laugh. Point red way: "Under my 144 strokes killer, Jing still does not fight back, Jing still has a smile, this is in addition to the'thief handsome Chu Liuxiang '." There is no other man in the world. "Maybe you're right," said Zhang Xiaolin with a laugh. "I really don't like force. It's human beings who fight and kill. The stupidest thing you can do. "You've never killed anyone?" Asked a little red. "Don't you believe me?" Said Zhang Xiaolin with a smile. "You've never killed anyone, so how do you know the joy of killing?" Cried a little red. "You've never been killed," said Zhang Xiaolin. "I think the calcium carbide will know that being killed helps the pain. If a person can only build up his own happiness. On the pain of others, this kind of person is too useless. "A little red eyes burst out sparks again.". Before he could speak, he suddenly heard someone shout, "a little red, why don't you move?" At this time, the Star Ferry helped to enter the lower part of the door. Come on, four or five people are standing far away from the disaster, only a big man in brocade jumped up to the roof, stamped his feet and said, "Let's pay for you." I didn't ask you to speak. Dian Hong didn't even look at him, but Zhang Xiaolin smiled at him and said, "I don't know how much you have done with his method." Silver bought him a sword? The big man in brocade said with a sneer, "It's too much to give two cents of silver. Others say how good it is to be a little red, but who knows he's a man." I dare not help a coward even if I see someone. "Confucian husband" two Yu just exit, suddenly a flash of sword light, this big fellow did not even cry out, has fallen, throat skin. On, deeply oozed a little bright red blood. Just a little blood. Under the starlight, his face was twisted, and his head was covered with beads of sweat as big as soybeans. Although he had exhausted his strength, he could no longer make a sound. Sound, only gasping like a wild animal. A little red, so fierce a little red, even killing people are not willing to spend half a minute more effort, just stab the key, just can kill people. Dead, the sword will not be willing to stab in more than half a minute. A little red palm in the sword slowly hung down, and only a little blood dripped from the center of the sword, and his eyes did not lift his head because of this drop of blood. "No living man is a coward who can drive me," he said slowly. Chasing Li Hui's weak panting sound, the Star Ferry Gang Mensa feared that no one had a face. Zhang Xiaolin looked up to the sky and said with a deep sigh, "What a man! He doesn't bleed. A little red under the sword." He slowly took out a snow-white silk scarf and put it on the big man's leg. At this time, the disciples of the Star Ferry Gang shouted one after another: "a little red for you" … You also talk about morality and justice every day, why today. Today Day.. '. A little Hong Ling said coldly, "What I betray is a planer, not a person. If anyone insults my people, a little will die." "But we hired you to kill people. Why don't you dare to attack him?" The Star Ferry disciple roared. A little red looked at Zhang Xiaolin and said slowly, "You begged me to deal with the Shusha Gang, but this man is not a disciple of Shusha." "Choke", the sword into the scabbard,rotary vacuum disc filters, he actually jumped down the roof ridge, Yang long face away. The disciples of the Star Ferry Sect were surprised and angry. Suddenly someone said, "This man was playing tricks with Leng Qiuhun last night. The three girls went there last night.". khnwatertreatment.com