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A fanfic is a literary work that draws on situations or characters from an existing work and is considered a tribute by the author to the original work. If you are passionate about certain fictional worlds, you can write something about their characters yourself, expanding on an existing story or changing it. Although there aren't many readers of such literature, and it's a pretty specific audience, the people who read your work are probably just as passionate about the topic as you are. A fanfic is a great way to express your love for something, and the possibilities for this form of expression are limitless.

Decide what material you will be working from. A fanfic always has an existing work at its core. Authors simply expand on that story or modify it in some way. A wide variety of sources can be used to do this. There are fanfics based on books, movies, TV series, video games, and many other works. Choose a fictional world that you like. Very often a fanfic is based on Star Wars, Harry Potter, and anime.

Your choice of fictional universe will determine the story and how it will unfold. The type of universe also determines the style of work. However, it is important to remember that your options as a writer will be unlimited. You can do whatever you want with the source material, even if it means turning it into something else entirely.

Read material about a fictional world. Most fanfic works are based on science fiction or fantasy (Harry Potter or Star Trek, for example). Such works are very good to take as a basis, as these are all large universes with a huge amount of story development possibilities. Read the information about your chosen universe online. Even if you plan to break established canons, it's always good to know what those canons are.