Anything that is . . . " D I G I T A L . . . Your Profile PIC, FB Banners, Twitter, InstaGram, and YOUTube! We live in a D I G I T A L WORLD...WHY NOT...

R O L L out your DIGITAL '' R E D C A R P E T " and TELL YOUR STORY "Unveiling Your DIGITAL ASSETS" to the WORLD!

D I G I T A L Q U E E N B E E... (DQB)

DQB has been developing DIGITAL ASSETS and PORTFOLIOS for many, many years! Companies like: AEC - Now ... E N C A N A, American Ethanol, City of Calgary (w International PPT Pres) FLUOR DANIEL CANADA etc. APP Design for small business and even Website Design for Western Electrical (multi-million dollar co.) just to name a few!

I'm here to offer you a proper GOOD - LOOKING PORTFOLIO... Yes, a PORTFOLIO that " S H O W C A S E S ... YOUR " D I G I T A L " ASSETS ...and Your Personalized " S T O R Y B O A R D S " to set the DIGITAL Stage !

TIRED of " S P I N N I N G YOUR W H E E L S " want to have a

. . . C L E A R E R M E S S A G E . . . ?

I found after speaking and many years of Consulting, HELPING WOMEN Grow their Businesses, Offering Graphic / Web and APP Design (with Small to Medium to Multi-Million Dollar Companies) the common denominator ...IS ...more Clients, more CA$H FLOW and Followers...Sound Familiar?

Let's . . . W A L K t h e W A L K ... t o g e t h e r . . . .by Creating a MASTERPIECE of your Professional Services that will make

P E O P L E ' S . . .H E A D S T U R N ! ! !

An EASY to implement D Q B in 3 S I M P L E . . . S T E P S . . . to start SEEING RESULTS right away...I invite you to join us and watch YOUR COMPANY . . . S O A R !


1. DIGITAL Signatures...for EMAIL

2. DBC - Digital Business Card


Making H E A D S ... " T U R N " on your D I G I T A L ...R U N W A Y that " Knock Your SOCKS Off"!