Diksha Mishra

Digital Marketer

I'm Diksha Mishra, a seasoned Digital Marketing Professional with over 3+ years of dedicated experience. Since 2021, I've been immersed in the world of digital marketing, specializing in E-commerce strategies, Website designing, SEO, SMM, paid adds.

In this ever-evolving digital landscape, possibilities are endless, and the journey is exciting.

My expertise lies in crafting, orchestrating, and executing comprehensive digital marketing strategies.

Looking forward to embracing the future of digital possibilities together.

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Accomplished Projects.

Highlighting my successful ventures.

Some of websites Designed by me.

🌐Autotainment.pro (Car detaling company, Huston, Texas)

🌐IT Desk (Marketing Agency, Tx, USA)

🌐Nwmd.pro (Tx, USA)


🌐ZebProduction (Corpus Christi, TX) 

🌐 Go Cleaners Sydney

🌐 1Plus Cleaning

🌐 https://bottelmedia.com/

🌐 https://foodspicture.com/

🌐 https://www.thecoachingvault.com/

🌐 https://mindtoheart.in/


Some of the Landing pages created :

Logo Creation & Social Management:

🎨 Crafted logos for Snacks ka Adda ( A cloud kitchen), Tiger Boba, Go Cleaners Sydney, 1 Plus cleaning,

also managed their Social Accounts ( SMM )

πŸ“Š Created Bidding & Analytic Reports

πŸ–‹ Developed Ad Copies & Designs

# Social media managed for

Amrita Gupta(Yoga Trannier)

Snacks Ka Adda (Cloud Kitchen)

Tiger Boba (Bubble Tea franchise)

1Plus Cleaning(Sydney, Australia)

I have experience managing the Google My Business profiles for the following businesses:

  1. Healing Plus
  2. Dazzling Sprouts
  3. 1 Plus Cleaning
  4. Tiger Boba

Additionally, I have worked on e-commerce projects involving product listings on Amazon and Flipkart for Eminent Collection and Funky Product Pvt. Ltd. based in Bengaluru.

Internship from, Ahuja Media


πŸ† Google Search Ads Certification

πŸ“Š Google Analytics Certification

πŸŽ₯ YouTube Certification

πŸ› E-commerce Certification

🌟 Google Display Ads Certification

βœ‰οΈ Email Marketing Certification

πŸ” SEO Certification

🎬 Google Ads Video Certification

πŸ›’ Shopping Ads Certification

πŸ“š Fundamental of Digital Marketing Certification

Always a #TeamPlayer, exploring #NewMarketing frontiers in the world of #DigitalMarketing.

Looking forward to connect and collaborate!