Tommy Shek works as a consultant for numerous companies. Planning and providing financial summaries for both publicly traded companies and privately held businesses has been his main focus. He has extensive knowledge of intricate bookkeeping processes, such as stock-based compensation (ASC 718), subordinate bookkeeping (ASC 815), convertible liabilities and warrants (ASC 470), income acknowledgment (ASC 606), and mergers and acquisitions (ASC 805).

Tommy has provided clients with guidance throughout the first sale of stock, public obligation contributions, capital expansions through obligations, and value swaps in addition to his understanding of SEC financial disclosure.

Tommy Shek previously held a position at RSM US LLP, the fifth-largest accounting firm in the United States, where he obtained important experience in giving review administrations to projects of up to $700 million in revenue for both publicly traded and privately held organizations. He has worked with clients in a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing and distribution, consumer and modern goods, SAAS, and online trading.

Tommy Shek also has a lot of experience working with foreign firms that are listed on US marketplaces, such as firms from China, Europe, Hong Kong, and Canada. In order to accomplish a worldwide opening up and auxiliary public contributions in the US, Tommy also offers cautionary types of assistance to both local and international organizations.