Konami Is Interested in Making New Suikoden Games

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Developers at Konami are interested in making new Suikoden games, according to an interview at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 show. The declaration of remasters for both the original Suikoden and Suikoden 2 has set off some expectation in fanatics of the JRPG franchise that new games in the series could be made later on. It appears they aren't the only ones hoping that is a realistic chance, as even some key Konami designers concede they might want to see more Suikoden games later on, as well.

The Suikoden franchise has been lethargic for quite a while. The latest delivery in the series was a PSP game delivered in 2012 that was never restricted for the west. The last main series Suikoden title, Suikoden 5, was delivered in 2006 on PlayStation 2. Then there's the way that Konami hasn't shown an interest in developing new games as of late. Many fans had abandoned the chance of Suikoden coming back, basically until Friday's declaration of the Suikoden and Suikoden 2 remasters.

















Some Konami game engineers are embracing the energy around the new declaration and are sharing their feelings about Suikoden's future. Speaking with IGN, Konami maker Yasuo Daikai said straightforwardly that he would "truly prefer to continue to make more Suikoden games later on." He expressed this in light of an inquiry regarding what the remasters would mean for the Suikoden franchise.

Daikai isn't in a manner confirming designs for Konami to continue working on Suikoden going ahead. He made them empower words, nonetheless. He requests that fans from Suikoden "will pull for ourselves and backing us," saying that he trusts Konami will actually want to follow through on fans' promises. That is similarly close as Daikai can get to saying that, assuming Suikoden is going to have a future, it relies upon the remasters for Suikoden and Suikoden 2 finding success.

While there could conceivably be more Suikoden later on, devotees of the JRPG franchise have another choice going ahead. Eiyuden Narrative is an otherworldly replacement to Suikoden created by Yoshitaka Murayama, who delivered, coordinated, and composed the initial two Suikoden games, and Junko Kawano, the artist for different Suikoden games. Suikoden spin-off or not, there's a great deal for fans that merits looking forward to.

It's likewise obvious, notwithstanding, that this is the most obvious opportunity for Suikoden to make a resurgence in north of 10 years. Konami might possibly have the assets to create a new Suikoden game all alone, yet in the event that the remasters are fruitful, maybe it will permit the property out to another engineer. However, everything relies upon the outcome of the Suikoden remasters when they show up in 2023.